Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rudy 9/11!!!!

If a domestic group crashed the planes on 9/11 would that mean that Giuliani doesn't have foreign policy experience?

The notion that Giuliani is equipped to deal with Iraq, North Korea, the Israel/Palestine issue because he was a mayor when planes hit buildings is something the media has taken way too seriously. The proper response would be too laugh hysterically and uncontrollably.

Does the mayor of Oklahoma City not have the experience because Mcveigh was American? Did Rudy call NATO, consult with our allies, go to a war room and discuss ways of capturing Bin Laden as a result of 9/11? How does two planes hitting the towers give him foreign policy credentials? Anybody?

But there were foreigners on the planes! They were dead foreigners by the time Rudy got there. Was he going to have the police anally probe the bad guys with a broomstick? Was Abner Louima Rudy a dry run in anticipation of running Gitmo?

The fact that Giuliani is taken seriously as a candidate for President by anybody is a great stain on this nation. He has a looser zipper than Clinton, and George Bush's authoritarian and foreign policy instincts. He was a fucking mayor. Sure, it was of a big city, but he was a fucking Mayor.

9/11 happened though. So, he is ready.

I need a drink.