Sunday, September 09, 2007

25 Years From Now

It would be nice for a candidate for President to take the long term view. In 2032, what do we want to have accomplished? Do we want to totally get off oil? Do we want universal health care and a cure for cancer? Do we want to put a colony on the moon? It's not as exciting as a 3% tax cut, or some piddly ass crap but I think people might run with bold ideas.

For one example, we could be done with coal plants now if in 1982 Reagan had put us on the track to do so and other presidents followed. If we invested in R&D in a paradigm shifting way, gave tax credits for research, for buying alternative energy supplies, punished manufacturers who guzzled fuel, and rewarded those who conserved we would not be in Iraq today. Our air would be cleaner, our economy stronger.

As disgusted as Americans are with Iraq right now, an idea that would create total energy independence might actually win more votes than lose them wouldn't you think?
Solar, wind, and even nuclear power pushed with the full weight of a Marshall plan, or a WPA program could make the world a safer, cleaner and saner place.

Why aren't our candidates doing this?