Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shame On The Democrats

There is a diary at Daily Kos generating much frustatation and anger at the leadership of Speaker Pelosi. In April 2006, she wrote a diary at Daily Kos that stated the following:

I make this pledge to you: every week that Congress is in session, I will come to and report back on what House Democrats are doing to hold Republicans and the President accountable.

She hasn't returned since. Snarks have suggested that since the democrats are doing a piss poor job holding the Republicans accountable, she hasn't had anything to report back to DailyKos and that is why she hasn't returned.

Part of it is fear of the reaction she will get due to the lack of action by congress on the war. She deserves that reaction. Other than Republican corruption, the driving issue in 2006 was the war. Democrats ran on ending the war. The public voted them in to do just that.

What is highly annoying is the democrats changed the goal posts after the election. They lied. They didn't run saying, elect 67 of us to the Senate, and about 325 of us to the house in order for us to do something about Iraq because then we will have a veto proof majority (if our members all vote in unison). If that was the campaign they ran, there would be no legitimate criticism of them for their capitulation to President Bush.

They ran on ending the war. Since Bush refuses to budge, the only option is defunding the war. They refused to take this step. They feared playing chicken with the President. They have absolutely failed on this count.

When it comes to corruption, Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rove pretty much left on their own terms. The US attorney scandal is still unsolved. Who can tell us which persons put exactly which names on the list? What has happened to Senator Domenici and Representative Wilson for trying to influence the US attorney into a partisan prosecution? Anybody?

Well at least Senator Craig is out of the Senate for being a closet case. So, obviously the system is working.

When you run on ending corruption and ending the war and you do neither, perhaps it is quite understandable that you would break your promise to dialog with your base. The shameful thing is that the democratic leadership are going to be rewarded with another victory and the White House as well most likely. They are letting the scandals go on, unresolved, and Iraq to go on as a quagmire. By not acting decicively, they are correctly guessing that the Republicans will be too distasteful to win. The democrats sweep due to default.

The last thing Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Schumer, Emmanuel et al want is a Republican party that is held accountable. If the bad apples are removed, and the bad policies ended, it will make it easier to vote for a chastised Republican party that can claim it has cleaned up it's act.

It would be the grown up, constitutional, and patriotic thing to do to fix this whole mess, but the democratic leadership appears to prefer letting things fester for their own short term political gain.

Shame on them.