Monday, July 16, 2007

David Vitter Is Getting Back To Work

David Vitter is expected back at work tomorrow. I have had breaks where it was really tough to drag myself in and face my colleagues and the clock, so I know how he feels (well almost). Last week, when the rumor broke about David Vitter possibly not just having missionary sex with his multiple hookers but dressing up in a diaper too, it amused me enough to write about it.

It also intrigued several people using Senate computers to google up "vitter diapers" and visit this site. By several, I mean alot. I don't know which members they were, or perhaps it was staffers, but alot of people who work with David Vitter are either interested in fashion tips from him, or are going to have a hard time not smirking when they walk next to him in the hallways.

Give the man credit. Who here amongst us would show up back to work so fast knowing that your colleagues think that you wear Depends because "You have a whole lot of kinking to do"?

Just saying.