Monday, July 16, 2007

The Money Race

The NY Daily News reports on Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton in the money race in the democratic primary as well as the "incredible" base of donors he has with 258,000 people contributing to his campaign, mostly in small amounts.

What I find incredible is how this is "incredible". By that, it is discouraging to think about how few people get involved by supporting a candidate. 50,000 people can donate $2,000 each to a candidate giving him/her $100,000,000. The rest of the 301,000,000 people in the country get bombarded with ads funded by that small group. 5,000,000 people giving $20 during the course of a year could challenge that person dollar for dollar. Instead, the wealthy often fund our campaigns, and we get a government that is reflective of their interests.

This is why I support efforts such as ActBlue. If 10,000 people get together and give $100 each to a candidate it gets noticed as one lump sum check. The blogosphere has millions of readers. Just $20 a person bundled together will make a huge difference in the 2008 elections. Let's hope that the in the 2012 when a candidate has 258,000 donors, it will be viewed as a dissapointment.