Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy Train

Just four days after returning from Baghdad, Rep. Michele Bachmann voted against a bill Thursday that would require U.S. forces to begin a troop withdrawal from Iraq within 120 days and move to a "limited presence" by April 1.

The troop-withdrawal measure passed the House on a 223-201 vote.

"There was no plan in the bill, it does nothing," Bachmann said. "There was no plan to leave Iraq, no plan for success in Iraq. No plan to move forward."

Bachmann said she believes the bill endangers U.S. troops.

"If you set a date certain on withdrawal, it's kind of the military equivalent of a football team giving the opposing team the play book," she said. "Why would you signal your endgame to your opponent?"

This is the same Michelle Bachmann, who tried to french George W. Bush at the state of the union address, as well as describe how hot and horny she was for Jesus. She is not very stable. So to her, we are doing quite a fine job in Iraq compared to the voices in her head. Bachmann sits in the Bob Dornan padded chair of congress since Katherine Harris was retired from the institution.

To the "substance" of her argument, I would like to point out that is ummm crazy. Moving a hundred thousand troops takes a lot of logistics. It's not like we are going to be there one day and overnight do "Operation Sneak Out The Window", and trick the terrorists. Damn, I bet they would feel burned if that really did happen though.

Why do we elect lunatics to congress? Don't we have enough purely evil people? The difference between a typical right wing member of congress and Bachmann is that she genuinely believes this crap and it's not just a talking point for her.

Minnesota, be very proud.
(H/T DumpMichelleBachmann)