Monday, July 16, 2007

Don't Make Us Go All Thor On Your Asses

Statistics bureau SSB reports that there were 4,703,779 Norwegians as of Sunday night. That's up from 4.67 million calculated at the end of the third quarter of last year, which itself set a record.

If the pace continues, Norway's population will probably reach 6 million in 2060. The growth is attributed to record numbers of immigrants moving to Norway to work. A booming economy has led to a labour shortage in Norway, and many of the foreign workers from Sweden, Poland, Lithaunia and Germany are filling the gap.

Norway's birthrate is also higher than that of Europe's, with Norwegian women giving birth to 1.9 children on average. The birthrate in the European Union is 1.4.

We are slowly regaining our forces. We shall conquer the world, this time with politeness, diplomacy, and pickled herring treats. We also should have better socker players with the ringers from Germany coming in. The world is our oyster, or lutefisk as the case may be.