Tuesday, June 05, 2007

People Just Don't Pay Attention To Politics

TPM Highlights a result in the new Pew survey that details this phenomena clearly. Republican voters were asked who of the candidates was the pro-choice one. 43% correctly picked Giuliani. 15% erroneously picked somebody else, while 42% admitted they didn't know.

You have to deliberately ignore politics to not know. If you watched the last Republican debate, or talked to somebody about the last debate, Giuliani's unorthodox position on abortion in the GOP field was the center stage issue. If you listen to any political talk shows, Rudy Giuliani's abortion position has been repeated ad nauseum.

If you google the terms rudy giuliani and abortion there are over 1,000,000 hits. How can we ever have a serious discussion about events when people are actively disengaged. That is why we get the politicians we do. Whomever looks nice, sounds attractive and has pithy sound bites has a greater chance than a nerdy person with 500 page position papers. I am thinking about you Al Gore.

Rudy Giuliani's abortion position has been one of the key themes of the race. Most Republicans don't care. If you think this is a Republican problem, that is where you would be wrong. Only 37% of all voters know Giuliani's views. That is why the "America's Mayor" 9/11 thing might get him alot further in the GOP primary than many would think. There will be people who claim to be single issue ban abortion voters who will vote for that tough NY'er. He stands with them on the issues. Perception is reality.

I perceive that we will get more candidates like we have been receiving. We will deserve them too.