Tuesday, June 05, 2007

With Love From Carville and Matalin

One of the letters written in defense of Scooter Libby was written by Mary Matalin and signed by her husband James Carville, who is working as an adviser to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The he said/she said act is starting to run a bit too thin at the moment. Mary Matalin was on the White House Iraq Study Group along with Libby cooking up bogus justifications for us to go to war. Love happens. I can accept that. Scooter Libby though is a partisan hack who helped lie us into war, and outed a CIA agent because her husband criticized a Republican administration. He then lied about it on the stand.

James Carville might have thought this letter was going to be kept secret. Ooops. It shows how much of what goes on in D.C. amongst the chattering class is a big game to them.

What Scooter Libby did was serious. He committed perjury about outing a CIA agent, an act that could have gotten her overseas contacts killed. Somebody may have died for all we know. The fact that it was done for partisan politics and Carville is defending the man shows that his time should be over in democratic partisan politics.

Are you listening Senator Clinton?