Friday, March 09, 2007

Powerline Excited About Hunt For Bin Laden

The Telegraph says that American special forces have entered Pakistan to track down bin Laden and Zawahiri. It also says that Dick Cheney and Deputy CIA Director Stephen Kappes showed Musharraf "satellite photographs and details of communications intercepts" last week, presumably to demonstrate that bin Laden is in Pakistan, and that we have a pretty good idea where.

It's way too early to get excited about this. There have been any number of times over the years when the hunt for bin Laden has seemed to heat up. One day, maybe we'll wake up and find that he's met his just reward, as happened with Zarqawi. Until then, there is no point in getting excited.

You know it has to be a pretty shitty week for Republicans when John "the assrocket" Hindraker is excited about the hunt for Osama. Commander Cuckoo Bananas has said he hasn't given a shit for years. I find it outrageous that the party you shill for like a cheap $20 an hour whore has enabled Bush to ignore Osama, on his suicidal quest to avenge Daddy's honor in Iraq.

One day, maybe we'll wake up and find out that you met your just reward, and your Time Blog of the Year award turns into a big steaming pile of turd.