Friday, March 09, 2007

John McCain Asks For Irony To Be Dead

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who remarried one month after his 1980 divorce, said Friday that the personal lives of White House hopefuls shouldn't become an issue in the 2008 campaign.

"I would like to see this campaign conducted on past record and ambition for the future," McCain told reporters after a fundraising luncheon in Charlotte, N.C. "I would hope that gossip _ or, quote, 'family issues' _ would not enter into this campaign."

McCain's call to keep personal lives private came the same week that chief rival Rudy Giuliani asked for privacy as he deals with strained relationships within his family, including estrangement from his children.

The Arizona senator's remarks also came as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a potential candidate for the GOP nomination, admitted to having an affair at the same time he was leading the effort to impeach President Clinton for allegations of perjury connected with the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Ok, let me get this straight for just a second. All the talk about Clinton's personal life was important for the campaign trail in 1992 and 1996. But, we should move beyond all that now since most of the leading GOP contenders make Clinton look like a choir boy in comparison. Clinton did not parade mistresses around the Governor's mansion in Little Rock. He used hotels damn it.

This is pretty pathetic even for the Republicans, which is setting the bar way down low. It kind of reminds me of when after the ridiculous investigations of Clinton spent tens of millions of dollars, the Republicans hawked tapes saying Clinton was a coke dealer, George (5-4 in the Supreme Court) Bush came to town and said we should have a new tone, a tone where democrats don't do to us what we did to them.

That's worked out great for the country. Fuggetaboutit. If that Cousin fucker, or that cancer divorcer, or that mistress loving, trophy wife grabbing want to run for President, they are running under Clinton rules. I hope you kept all your billing records Rudy. Newt, well fuck you Newt. Keating 5 was a real scandal McCain, let's explore that a bit shall we all.

I also call on Larry Flynt to pay as much as he can afford to any of the ex-lovers, mistresses, one night stands of these guys to appear in a women of the GOP primary hopefuls pictorial. If they all commit, the issue will be as thick as a phone book.