Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Democratic Values

This morning, Bill Press was on the radio arguing with most of his callers about the necessity for impeachment. Press was speaking as an ultimate DC insider. Impeachment could be messy and hurt the democrats chances in 2008. Let's just skip it.

What Press, Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid et al have forgotten is that power is a means to an end. Power is not it's own end. When you swear in as a member of congress, you take an oath to protect the constitution.

Any half-way objective person would agree that Bush has violated the constitution. Jose Padilla, an American citizen was held without charges, violating the law. Valerie Plame was outed, violating the law. Americans were wiretapped without court order. People were sent overseas to be tortured. The list goes on.

These are serious violations of the law, that need to be treated seriously. If before 9/11, all of these things occured and were revealed, Bush wouldn't have lasted more than a month or two without being forced to resign, or being impeached and convicted. This is worse than Watergate.

The democrats and the media have absolutely failed in their duties. The duty of the press is not to write he said/she said narratives. The duty of the democrats is not to play in a holding pattern until Bush leaves office. Our laws are being violated. Hell, I didn't even mention Alberto Gonzales and the politicization of the justice department, and other scandals so numerous in number that they become blurry. There also is the bullshit lies about WMDs that got nearly four thousand soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed. Ho hum.

The system is failing us. That the democrats can suggest that we need to focus on things like the farm bill instead of the offenses against the constitution is a sign that there is something sick in the body politic.

That the press can focus on horse race politics, celebrity gossip, and pretend that our administration sanctions torture, murder, gross invasions of privacy, yet still can hang out and chit chat with those responsible indicts them as feeble as well as morally bankrupt.

It's ironic that it's "crazy" or "out of the mainstream" to be bothered at all that people are being tortured in our name. It's uncouth to point out that Jose Padilla as a US citizen is guaranteed a speedy trial.

If I hear one more bit of horseshit about how saying "fuck" is uncivil, while "serious" people contemplate ethnically cleansing Baghdad of Sunnis as a "final solution", I might take hostages.

The angry left has very good reason to be angry. It's a scarlett letter branded upon the chest of the democratic leadership and the media that they don't feel the same way. The cocktail parties, and corporate fundraising parties go on. Life doesn't go on for the victims of this assault on our constitution.