Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grit Your Teeth On These Numbers

Kate O'Bierne (pictured on the right) has discovered some inner bliss that doesn't come in a tube of astroglide. Although a democratic president may want to raise the taxes on the very wealthy, if they do so they could run into unlikely resistance.

Jonah - One of my favorite polling results helps to explain why class warriors meet with litttle success when they take aim at the "top 1%" to force them to pay their "fair share." A CNN/Time Magazine Fall 2000 poll asked respondents whether they were among the wealthiest 1% of Americans - "Yes," said 19 percent. God Bless us - we think we're way more successful than we are.

Ignorance of the populace is something a decent person might find distressful. Many people believe that Iraq had WMD's. 18% of the people believe their monopoly money counts as part of their family's nest egg. Quite a few Republicans still believe George W. is doing a bang up job as president.

Instead of arguing rationally (ha-ha) about the virtues of cutting taxes on Paris Hilton so she can trickle down on the rest of us, just like she did to that hawt dude she met at the Viper Club, they are perfectly content to keep their agenda moving with mass ignorance as their ace in the hole instead.

The democratic nominee needs to explain in simple terms what the top 1% means when they discuss tax policy. It should be discussed in a manner so basic, that Ann Coulter will grasp that binging and purging on Beluga caviar might start affecting her wallet.