Saturday, October 27, 2007


Values Voters: We can infer that those who don't agree with this group have no values.

Christians: If you don't support the religious right, you aren't a Christian.

Pro-life: If you aren't opposed to abortion, you don't value life.

By allowing these terms to be used by the right, the media has helped shift the debate into a bizarro world where the meanings of words change.

Values voters hate gays, they tend to love our corrupt administration. They often hate mexicans, blacks, jews, mormons, women who aren't subservient. Why do they get to be called value voters anyways?

Pro-life? That is a joke. They are pro-birth. The winger crowd loves war, the death penalty, torture, want to cut social services for the living, and want to desecrate the planet. There are exceptions. Some Catholics for example (Like Pope John Paul II) are opposed to war, torture, the death penalty.

Christians though is really perplexing. If you hate the sinner, but commit the sin yourself in private, that makes you a "Christian" these days. If you notice the speck in another's eye, when there is a log in your own, you are right with the Lord. If you think it's easier for a rich man to get into heaven than a filthy poor person, you are a Christian.

Perhaps the media might reflect a bit before using such loaded terms. Values voter would be a good start. I have strong values. I believe in compassion, love, charity, community, and being decent to one another. I'm a values voter.