Friday, October 12, 2007

Fridays With The Freepers

The little toads at Free Republic sure have had a busy week. They have been busy swift boating a twelve year old, peeing their pants, dragging their knuckles, flinging their fecal matter at visitors, and getting ready to take their cousins out on dates during the past seven days. Today, they weigh in on the Ann Coulter controversy. The ADL has put out a press release blasting Ann Coulter for stating that as "a christian" she wants to "perfect" Jews by converting them. Today, I was hopeful that the Freepers would see the error of their ways, and realize that Ann Coulter had gone so far that even they couldn't defend it. Let's take a looksie.

The ADL is full of crap here. Ann's remarks may have been ill advised but they are in now way anti-Semitic and neither is she.


Oh! Oh! Once the Jewish lobby gets on your case, you are finished. Ann is toast.

The ADL and the majority of Jews in the US and Europe have strayed from their core values and base and are now in the folds of the very ideology that almost eliminated them in Europe, National Socialism.

Ann is a perfected Jew, so how can they go after one of their own?

The ADL is a treacherous, subversive organization. I have always thought they coordinate with the ACLU. They are just too ready to pounce on anything they deem "anti-semitic".

Oh come on, aren’t those the legs of a perfected Jew coming out of her tight orthodox mini skirts?

The irony is Ann Coulter has done as much as anyone to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive via her own words and columns.

I thnk the ADL ‘coffee filters as headgear’ crowd need to lighten up a bit.

Coulter is a Christian and she said what Christians believe.

Any Jew that isn't a Christian is not perfected. Just as the previous verses have stated. God sent His atonement sacrifice for you and you rejected it. No one is going to hurt you. No one is going to force you. No one is going to murder you that is a Christian. Ann did nothing but quote the Bible.

Your problem is with God, not Ann.

Jews don;t need to be “perfected”, the Anti-Defamation League needs “perfection”.

They are a bunch of whoring opportunists and politically correct activists.

Ann is simply engaging the enemy on their own turf. God bless her. If more republicans had the cojones to do what she does, they would still be in the majority in congress and the republican primary would decide who the next president will be.

Maybe next week they will see the light.