Sunday, November 04, 2007

Presidential Material

A quick thought. The press often talks about characteristics that a President must have to be a good choice to be elected. The problem is that they have come up with stupid things such as beer drinking partner worthiness and marital fidelity.

There is nothing wrong with being amiable in a bar, or faithful to your spouse, but these things have nothing to do with success as a president.

This excercise is pretty pointless. Different issues that arise during a presidency that are unknown at the time will best be dealt with by different strengths. However, since this practice won't be stopped any time soon, perhaps more rationality is in order.

Take a list of Presidents in the past and get their rankings by historians. Discover the characteristics of these presidents. Then apply it to modern candidates.

FDR had affairs, and he didn't hang out with the boys at the saloon, but he was an ok President anyways. Jefferson (allegedly) had slaves and slept with him, I think we should give back the Louisiana Purchase because a person like that must have made a huge fucking mistake.

Grow up pundits.