Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I am not a crank

Why is it that if a candidate has popular ideas, they are "unelectable"? Most Americans want universal health coverage. It's not "serious" for a candidate to think that. Most Americans want us out of Iraq within months. Same applies. Somebody needs to explain how this works. The media is part of the problem, but only part. Why do people insist on voting for candidates who don't share their views on issues?

If I ever ran for President, I would propose universal health coverage, massive tax breaks on deploying green technology, banning things such as old fashioned light bulbs, etc.

I would end the war on drugs, and fund rehab for addicts through taxes on the substances. There also would be a massive public works project, patterned on the WPA to rebuild all the roads, bridges, pipes that are crumbling. I would reregulate the media, communication companies, shrink the size of ownership monopolies in general.

I would try to build a bridge between the sane pro lifers and the pro choice movement by fostering policies that reduce unwanted pregnancies. Results, rather than good intentions would be the result. Reality based ideas actually work.

But, it wouldn't be very serious to suggest such things. Such a pity.