Monday, July 16, 2007

Vitter Is So Sorry

David Vitter and his wife Wendy just gave a very self serving press conference where he admitted the DC hooker, and denied the multiple prostitute stories in Louisiana (I don't believe him). It comes as no shock that they didn't address the diaper issue. Vitter gave the usual bullshit answer that he has important legislation to work on in D.C., and Mrs. Vitter did the leave my family alone, I have forgiven him and this was in the past spiel.

It's bullshit. Wendy Vitter jokingly threatened that unlike Hillary, she was prepared to cut off Vitter's genitals Lorena Bobbitt style if he ever cheated. His cheating was taking place at the time she made this statement. David Vitter stated that both Clinton and Bob Livingston needed to resign due to affairs.

As to the leaving the family alone, if their stories are accurate and Mrs. Vitter has known for years that her husband was out banging hookers, why in the hell did they prominently put their kids in almost all of Vitter's 2004 campaign commercials knowing that one day this could get out? I think the kids should be left alone that includes being used in ads.

Part of the blame for their kids being involved is their usage as a political prop. Shame on the Vitters for not owning up to the fact that when they use their kids for politics, their kids can be hurt by their hypocritical actions.

If Vitter needs to resign over anything, it should be the illegal conduct (prostitution that is), as well as the poor judgement he used to try to tamp down the rumors of his sleazy nature by filming his ads in the kitchen with his kids.

You sir, are a creep. Your wife is an enabler. Poor kids.