Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Libertarianism and Communism Are Very Similar In One Way

They both require a level of co-operation and personal behavior to exist in humans that doesn't. They are both utopian in nature, and have no chance of ever being successfully implemented on a large scale due to the fact that everybody has to buy into them for the system to function.

I see positives in both arguments. There also is pesky reality. If you want to sit on a pile of gold, and you are living under communism, you might rebel. If you don't want so much freedom, like easy access to drugs for your fifteen year old in a libertarian world, you might rebel.

Communism and libertarianism only can work well in small self selecting communities with free rights to exit the experiment. Imposing either on something like the U.S. would be a disaster that could only be maintained by force which kind of defeats the purpose.