Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Article Makes More Sense In The Original German

Almost no attention has been paid to the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was not an American at all, but an immigrant, an alien. Had this deranged young man who secretly hated us never come here, 32 people would heading home from Blacksburg for summer vacation.

What was Cho doing here? How did he get in?

Cho was among the 864,000 Koreans here as a result of the Immigration Act of 1965, which threw the nation's doors open to the greatest invasion in history, an invasion opposed by a majority of our people. Thirty-six million, almost all from countries whose peoples have never fully assimilated in any Western country, now live in our midst.

Cho was one of them.

That is Pat Buchanan today with his lessons on the Virginia Tech massacres. You know, Pat Buchanan the holocaust denial guy, the one who used to defend fascist prison guards, yet still managed to have a show on CNN, and is now a continual guest on MSNBC. Cho was in this country for 15 of his 23 years. This was a very American crime. They don't have the plague of homicide in South Korea that we do here, but Buchanan saw a place to make more racist xenophobic rants with this situation.

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfield, "You write a racist column with the facts you have, not the facts you want". Seriously, why is this man still on our airwaves? Does he have pictures of Jack Welch in bed with a pig wearing lipstick? Don Imus was fired for saying something very offensive. Pat Buchanan is very offensive. Why is he on my television step all the time?