Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cafeteria Catholicism For Me Not Thee

National Review Online's resident Catholic theologan Kathryn Jean Lopez wants Rudy Giuliani to speak publically about his faith. She is backing the mormon (Rick Santorum isn't running, damn it)!
An opportunity for a question to Rudy G: Are you a practicing Catholic?

I was a little surprised Chris Matthews didn't ask it in some form. You might argue it's inappropriate in the debate forum, but more than the bizarre Catholic question Matthews served the Mormon?

You see, Rudy is very squishy on abortion. Since he is not a fetus first kind of fellow, he obviously isn't a real Catholic. The church is against the death penalty, and pre-emptive war too. For some bizarre reason, K-Lo doesn't suggest that Catholics who buck the church on those kind of issues, as well as poverty, compassion, and humility that Catholics are supposed to practice, need their faith questioned too.

I actually respect the fundamentalist Catholics who are logically consistent. I know a few who nurture to the poor, protest abortion, the death penalty, and mindless war.
They are "true catholics" if anybody is such a thing. It annoys me to no end that this country has a bunch of right wing bishops who should be more worried about the logs in their eyes, than politicians views on abortion when it comes to taking the sacraments.

I have not yet heard from Sam Brownback's local parish on if he should be banned because he supported Iraq against the teachings of the church. Kathryn Jean Lopez, who supports this mindless immoral war needs to shut her yap about Rudy Giuliani's faith until she decides that she isn't going to be a cafeteria Catholic herself.

Rudy Giuliani is an annoying tempermental putz. He considers himself a Catholic and I respect that, if not him.