Monday, April 16, 2007

The Person to blame for Don Imus

Many today including Barack Obama are saying that rap music needs to be looked at in the wake of what Don Imus said on the radio that got him fired. You see, we are trying to get at root causes here. If black rappers didn't say nappy headed hos, Don Imus apparently wouldn't be a racist misogynist.

But, this analysis only goes so far. What are rappers known for other than bling? Rhyming. That's right. Who popularized that skill in the western world more than any other human being? It was Bill Shakespeare that's who. He also wrote about teenage sex, incest, freaky forest nymphs, hung out in the theater district and wore an earing. Hello!!!

Obviously rappers have taken Shakespeare on as a role model which forced them to say things that Don Imus' immature ears weren't able to process in an adult way. Let's burn all of Shakespeare's works, kill Kenneth Branaugh (you know there is more Shakespeare left in him), and then we can be free of this terrible scourge that has blighted our culture.

Hey Hey Ho Ho
The Merchant of Venice has got to go!