Monday, April 16, 2007

Nobody Could Have Known....

French secret services produced nine reports between September 2000 and August 2001 looking at the al Qaeda threat to the United States, and knew it planned to hijack an aircraft, Le Monde newspaper reported on Monday.

One document prepared in January 2001 was entitled "Plan to hijack an aircraft by Islamic radicals", and said the operation had been discussed in Kabul at the start of 2000 by al Qaeda, Taliban and Chechen militants.

Le Monde said the French report of January 2001 had been handed over to a CIA operative in Paris but that no mention of it had been made in the official U.S. September 11 Commission, which produced its findings in July 2004.

Why does Condi Rice still have a job? Why does George W. Bush still have 30% approval? Btw, I don't believe it was a conspiracy; it was incompetency. These people are genuinely feckless, clueless, and disinterested in policy. I am sure this report got sent to somebody who should have done something with this. Likely, Condi Rice knew of the French Intelligence when she spewed her crap stating that we would have no way of knowing they would do such a thing.

But, according to the media, these are the types of people we would like to have beers with so what the heck. Pass me something harder instead, and wake me up in January 2009.