Monday, April 16, 2007

Karl Rove Is Coming To Town

This morning on a coffee run, I glanced at the cover of the local free right wing rag, and there was a picture of Karl Rove staring at me. Intrigued, I picked up a copy to learn that Turd Blossom himself would be speaking in my area in the glorious NC-11 district on April 28th, and the public is invited! Karl Rove is speaking at around 4 PM.

I will have a camera, a notepad, and be on my best behavior, until he is done prevaricating. What happens at fight club, stays at fight club after that though. He is likely to lie, because that is what he does, and the media attention will be scant, and under the radar since this is not happening in NY or DC, so your intrepid local blogger will be there. Anybody in the area who wants to take a glance at Satan, please come along too. The groundrules, yes there are groundrules, is that only local Republican muckity muck officials are allowed to vote, or ask the evil one questions. Failure to comply will obviously result in your dismissal.

The event will be held at West Hendersonville High School in Hendersonville. Here is a handy map.

Another point I want to make. This local right wing paper, the Asheville Tribune is terrible. It's not just the right wing views, which as a liberal of course, I support.It's their right to say any stupid thing they want to with their own ink. It's just the logic they employ. Part of the article is an attack piece on Heath Shuler for "lying" to the voters.

Here is a sample. It's not online, so I am just typing it out.
Shuler, in turn, is seen as vulnerable due to his liberal votes early in the 210th Congress. Shuler pleged to vote "mountain values," but critics say his votes look more like "Pelosi Politics".

Yeah, what critics? Some people say that this paper just made this crap up. Some people say they aren't even worthy of fishwrap. They continue with Shuler's high crimes and misdemeanors.
His first vote was to support Pelosi as Speaker of the House

How dare he. This is an outrage. A democratic congressman did not vote for John Boehner for speaker, but instead voted for the Majority Leader of his own party? Damn it. Just because every other member of the caucus voted for her, doesn't make it right that he joined in like a lemming. If I recall, one democrat voted against his own party in the speaker role in the 90's. Remember that crazy politician with a toupee from Ohio? James Trafficant is in prison at this moment for corruption, but still he had mountain, or Ohio values and bucked the trend of 99.9% of politicians from both parties. How dare Heath Shuler not follow his lead? Mountain values my ass.

Anyways, the right wing machine is gunning for Shuler. They are running ads against him up here already. The visit from Uncle Karl reinforces the idea that they consider Shuler vulnerable and are willing to spend big bucks to unseat him.

I am hoping that Karl Rove has a change of heart, denounces all his dirty tricks, decides to give his life over to Buddha. If not, I will be there to document the atrocities.