Thursday, April 12, 2007

Freepers Respond: CBS Fires Don Imus

Those wascally members of Free Republic tend to say the darnest things. However, they never get the attention they deserve. Whenever a comment on a liberal blog is offensive, the media gets to scold us for being very uncivil. We do not show the proper decorum like our breathren on the right. These people listen to cultured people like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Ann Coulter. Come take a peek with me at the freeper response to this latest Imus news.

Looks like the kids on the ranch get to pay the ultimate price. Revrund Al must be very proud of his selective outrage.

This is the biggest crock of sh*t since.... how long has it been since Hillary said anything?

Next he needs to sue. If I was on the jury I would award him $$$$$.

This is just stunning. Has this country come to this? Blacks did this. “I am sure CBS will do the right thing.” I am sick.

Repulsive! Couldn’t these heartless bastards wait until he finishes raising money for these children?

he should of been fired for being a liberal,anti american hack but if it takes fat al and jj to do it so be it, good riddance to trash, hopefully fat rosie is next

Q: So, why did the Miss Black USA Pageant only have 49 contestants?

A: Because no one wanted to wear the “I-DA-HO” sash......

(Does this mean I’m going to get fired now?)

CBS got the instructions fax from the DNC and folded like a cheap umbrella.

Sad outcome of all of this. I am sure that Twany Sharpton and Hymie Jackson don’t care. They can't scam any money from sick kids.

He’s going to have to take up with the slutty Hos now; won’t be able to afford the fancy ones.

If they’re cleaning the airwaves, let the vulgar songs go too. Double standard — o.k. for Blacks to use the words in songs, but a white person can’t say them.

Ann Coulter is right - we do need a rulebook because clearly there are different rules for libs than there are for Republicans and Christians.

It's perfectly ok when a black woman FALSELY accuses the young white men from Duke, where's the outrage over that?

And it's perfectly ok when a hiphop "entertainer" calls their own black women worse names,where's the outrage from Sharpton and his sidekick about that, but let a white elderly man try it.









I am uncivil though.