Friday, April 13, 2007

Ed Schultz Has Learned Nothing From Imus

Ed Schultz was just on my Air America radio station with his thoughts on the Imus scandal. First, it is overblown. Secondly, Al Sharpton is involved therefore the issue doesn't matter. Thirdly, Hillary Clinton is exploiting this. Fourth, Rutgers is being mean to "the I-Man". Fifth, CBS is stupid because Imus generates $20,000,000 in revenue, and they should have just suspended him and given $5,000,000 to Rutgers for a diversity training program or something.

Oh, and he is being invited on Fox today for the liberal reaction to the Imus firing. He segued into the Paul Wolfowitz giving his girlfriend a raise story from this by saying that Wolfie gave the money to his live in girlfriend, and "I would get in trouble for using the other word for her".

What? You were going to call her a whore? Is that it? What the fuck is the matter with Air America stations for putting him on instead of Thom Hartmann live and can we get liberals on liberal stations instead of Rush Limbaugh clones from the center? Is it too much too ask?