Friday, April 13, 2007

Where I Reveal My Luddite Side

Ever stop to think about the future and how it is going to suck? Global warming and depressed wages due to first outsourcing, then our robot overlords learning fine motor skills and replacing almost all physical labor? Alot of intellectual positions are redundant too. Lawyer bot, doctor bot, and teacher bot are coming.

The spy cameras will be watching every move, the government will be reading our thoughts, and I still don't have a flying car.

We never stop as a culture to decide where we are going and the ramifications of the path we have chosen. If phsyical labor can all be replaced, this is not analagous to whip and buggy makers being replaced by car workers. The guy who cleans the urinal and is replaced by a machine isn't going to work as a system's analyst when he gets layed off.

Just saying.