Friday, March 09, 2007

Pat Robertson Invites Mitt Romney Over For Milkshake

NORFOLK, Va. -- Some students and alumni at an evangelical Christian university founded by Pat Robertson are upset with the commencement choice of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon.

"My initial reaction was, how could they do this?" said Lynne Gilham, a Columbus, Ohio, minister and former reporter who had posted a comment denouncing the choice on a ministry blog. She said she earned a master's degree in journalism from the school, Regent University, in 1992.

Gilham said Friday that she understands "evangelicals in an academic context need to be exposed to other viewpoints." But she fears inviting a speaker of the Mormon faith "would confuse young Christians who are not so firmly grounded in Christian doctrine."

Mitt is going to flash his magic underwear at the young fundamentalists and they suddenly will have the urge to research genealogy and knock on strangers' doors. Mitt's hair actually transmits the Salamander Tablets on rf frequencies that can be picked up by bluetooth transmitters from 250 yards away.

Mitt though is Pat's kind of christian. In fact, I have never heard Romney say a bad word about blood diamonds. Jesus bled on the cross, and some Liberians need to bleed so Pat can buy another mansion in the name of Christ or Joseph Smith. Amen.