Friday, March 09, 2007

Debbie Schlussel Attacks Jenna Bush

Congratulations, Jenna Bush. You, too, have joined the PC crowd. Wow, your parents really taught you well.

Presidential twin daughter Jenna Bush is publishing a new book she wants your young kids to read, and--surprise!--its heroine is a teen single mother with AIDS. So much for your kids having a childhood.

The partying, drinking Bush twin thinks your kids need to "put a face on statistics" of AIDS in Latin America. And take action. Gee someone's been listening to too much Bono hypocrisy. And forgot about America.

And Bush has the audacity to tell USA Today that she envisions her teen-single-mother-with-AIDS book as having the same influence as Anne Frank's The Diary of Anne Frank. She compares her book and its topic to two books on the Holocaust, including Frank's. She even named her single-teen-mother-with-AIDS heroine Ana, a Latino version of Anne.

She even throws up the picture of Jenna slipping off her panties in public, which is kind of gratuitous. So, Mary Cheney is an evil pregnant lesbian, and now Jenna is a skank, Barbara (aka Tonica), and that crazy fucking daughter of Cheney's in the State Department appear to be the only children of our dear leaders who the mouth breathers don't despise.

Not to go all Charles Krauthammer and diagnose people from a distance with no actual quality data to justify my opinion, but.... I think the wingnuts are dissapointed with the miserable failure in the White House on a subconscious level and it doesn't compute with their need to obey daddy Republican in the Oval Office, so they are lashing out harder at the kids. Transference is unhealthy Debbie.

Just say that Bush is a douchebag and you will feel all better.