Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Experience In Litigation? The Justice Department Wants You

In questioning from Senator Whitehouse, Kyle Sampson, who was the #2 guy at the Justice Department, revealed his courtroom experience. In 2004, he prosecuted a gun and drug case in Florida. That is right, one case. He does have civil experience though. In Salt Lake City, he was second chair along with other lawyers on a handful of civil cases.

Whitehouse then asked if Monica Goodling, the liaison to the White House, who is planning on taking the fifth, has any experience in court. Sampson wasn't aware of any experience if she had it.

These are the people who are running the justice department. They are deciding who gets to stay, who has to go. Forget the politics of if Carl Lam was fired for prosecuting Republicans, or David Iglesias was fired for not prosecuting Democrats, but think about how the head positions in Justice are being staffed.

These people are unqualified for their positions. I am a democrat, but I want competent Republicans in these positions. There are Republican trial attorneys who can do these jobs. They aren't being put in these positions. Everything is political with this administration. Competence is not even an afterthought.