Sunday, March 11, 2007

National Review Further Devolving Into Stupidity

Cliff May just may be picking lice out of K-Lo's hair soon and grunting if this level of intellectual power keeps going on like in the following.

The trope that conservatives seeking a pardon for Libby are hypocritical (Chris Wallace raised it with Brit Hume this morning, and Brit essentially conceded the point) deserves further consideration.

Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury. As a result, he did not lose his job, did not go to jail and soon thereafter became a multi-millionaire, lionized and celebrated in his party and around the world. If that’s the fate in store for Libby, by all means, bring it on.

Ok, Bill Clinton had his law licence suspended for lying about getting a hummer as part of an investigation into a land deal that costed more than $70 million by some estimates. He lied under oath about getting a blow job. Because we couldn't get to the truth about the land deal, unless we first found out about Monica Lewinsky's dietary habits.

Cliff May grunts further...

One more point: Valerie Plame is getting $2.5 million for “her story.” How much did New York publishers and Hollywood producers pay for the stories of Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick?

Let's see. We have a beautiful sophisticated, world traveling CIA agent, who ran a front company for a spy agency, who was outed as an operative by a cabal in the White House including the President's top aide, and the Vice President, and his top aide.

Paula Jones said Bill Clinton showed her his wee-wee. NY publishers really don't know what an important book is do they? Those bastards. Cliff May will be making his next appearance at the Columbus Zoo with Jack Hannah next week. Ask him what he thinks about flinging versus tossing excrement while you were there. He has written a pamphlet. Sadly, NY publishers have rejected it.