Sunday, March 11, 2007

Breakthrough In US Relations With Syria and Iran

The United States cut diplomatic ties with Iran nearly three decades ago, and relations between the two nations have been further strained over Iran's nuclear program and U.S. assertions that the government is providing arms to both Shiite militias and insurgents in Iraq. The Bush administration also blames Syria for allowing weapons and fighters to flow into Iraq across their porous border.

While American delegates did not sit down with their Iranian and Syrian counterparts for much-anticipated bilateral talks, they did shake hands before the meetings began and spoke directly to one another, according to al-Dabbagh.

Well, we now will actually say hello before being immature and stubborn and refusing to speak to two of the key players in the regime. It's not like Iran and Syria have anything to discuss with us about Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, or Iraq or anything.

It was a firm handshake I have been told. We didn't let go and engaged in a blinking contest. Sadly, the Lebanese diplomat was crosseyed and beat us and wouldn't do two out of three.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Diplomacy has been the art of having skilled, culturally sensitive negotiators trying to find common ground amidst their differences and trying to find a resolution that would be a benefit to both sides.

Bush believes diplomacy is calling that guy who talks funny English who lives in London to see if he can make him roll over and play dead. Just like the rest of the neo-con dream that is dying in the dust. Their brand new way of doing diplomacy is a miserable failure.