Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hating Fox News Makes You A Socialist

That is what the "prestigious" Las Vegas Review Journal wrote in this week-end's editorial, unsigned so the full weight of the crack editorial staff is behind this one.
But liberals' aversion to Fox News has finally gone over the top. The Nevada Democratic Party had agreed to let the right-tilting network co-sponsor, of all things, an August debate in Reno between Democratic presidential candidates. Party officials were serious about drawing national attention to the state's January presidential caucus, the country's second in the 2008 nominating process. What better way for the party to reach conservative and "values" voters who might consider changing allegiances?
Right tilting is a pretty pale description here. Fox News is the mouth organ of the GOP. It is not just Pravda for the party, but for radical conservatism as well. You don't see David Gergen, Jim Baker types on often. When is the last time anybody saw a Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe being given serious air time there? Tilt to the right? Just a wee smidgen maybe? The leaning tower of Pisa is just a tad off center too then.
But the socialist, Web-addicted wing of the Democratic Party was apoplectic. The prospect of having to watch Fox News to see their own candidates would have been torture in itself. So they set the blogosphere aflame with efforts to kill the broadcast arrangement, or at least have all the candidates pull out of the event. Before Friday, the opportunistic John Edwards was the only candidate to jump on that bandwagon.
Ok, Fox news employs a bunch of people like Hannity and Ann Coulter as a regular guest who continually blast Edwards with strong mature criticisms such as he is a "faggot" and a "breck girl". Why would he not want to engage the channel that allows this serious debate,to dialogue with them in an introspective look at the issues?

Several shows on Fox hyped the Osama, oops I mean Obama was a terrorist sleeper cell of one angle. Dick Morris, while not keeping scheduled appointments with hookers for oral toe pedicures is on often bashing Hillary Clinton because we don't really get enough of him saying how much he hates her. They hype the fact that Scooter Libby got off on one of five charges, put chirons up that Mark Foley was a democrat. They devoted 12 times the coverage to Anna Nicole than to Walter Reed. That must make me a socialist for noticing. Because only people who believe in a strongly mixed economy that is highly government centric can possibly believe that Fox News is awful.

This hyperventilation results from the fact that far-left Democrats have no comparable media outlet, nor any widespread national appeal, for their radical views in favor of heavy-handed regulation, wealth redistribution, diplomatic capitulation and economic protectionism. So they attack their rivals' messenger with a reckless barrage of rhetoric that cuts down their own allies with friendly fire.

In their charming way, they admit that there is no equivalent of Fox News for liberals. It was nice to see the point conceded. I would just like the tax code of the 1950's. You know I like Ike time frame and all. He was apparently a pinko commie like me. Obviously, Joe McCarthy forgot to write him down on that list he kept in his pocket. This article is supposed to prove that liberals are unhinged? Pot meet kettle please.

Oh, and I apologize for hitting my allies Alan Colmes and Juan Williams with friendly fire. Soldier on brave liberals. Soldier on.