Friday, March 16, 2007

John Podhoretz: Either Very Stupid Or Very Evil
Valerie Plame Wilson complained that Dick Cheney — the elected vice president of the United States — made an "unprecedented number of visits" to the CIA in the run-up to the Iraq war. She's right. It's shocking. Evidently, Cheney actually listened to the CIA.

Anybody who has turned on a tv news the last few years, who still has a pulse knows that JPOD is proving once again that nepotism is a very bad thing. Cheney didn't listen to the CIA. He went to the CIA to pressure them into giving him intel that "proved" Iraq was responsible for everything that bad that has happened in the world. Ironically, it turns out everything evil in history was perpetrated by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed per his confession. Podhoretz's employers, The National Review, believe Mohammed's confession. This has encouraged me to write to them about some money I have in Nigeria, and need their help and a finder's fee in retrieving.

The National Review believes the left is obsessing on Mohammed's statement that he was tortured. Actually we are not, we already have known about that for years. We are too busy making fun of his ludicrous confession, and writing bad jokes about how he is the real father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. I wonder which "left" the dim witted step-children of Bill Buckley are observing.

Kahlid Sheik Mohammed forced me to write this post. Well, I really haven't addressed if Jpod is just being evil and doesn't mean it. There is no evidence to support that theory. The man is very fucking stupid.