Friday, March 16, 2007

Want An Abortion in South Carolina? Get An Ultrasound

The South Carolina legislature sure are busy bees. Fresh off the proposal to give prisoners six months off their sentences if they become human organ farms and donate kidneys, they now have come up with a new doozy of a proposal. If you want an abortion in the Palmetto state, there is a new catch.
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Women seeking abortions in South Carolina would be required to view an ultrasound image of their fetus before the procedure under a proposal gaining support from lawmakers. If enacted, it would be the first law of its kind in the nation.

The bill's chief sponsor, Rep. Greg Delleney, considers the bill a natural addition to the state's informed-consent law, which requires that women be told about fetal development and offered alternatives to abortion. The law requires a woman to have at least an hour to think about the information before ending her pregnancy.

Delleney's proposal would require patients to certify in writing that they viewed the ultrasound.

Democratic state Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter plans to lead the fight against the legislation when it comes up for debate later this month in the GOP-dominated House. But she said she expects the legislation to pass because even lawmakers who don't like the bill will be afraid to vote against it.

Ok, it's not enough that you insult women into waiting an hour just in case they went to the women's clinic just on a lark, and decided to have an abortion instead of getting their car detailed.

Sadly, women still have abortions even after being humiliated this way, so there has to be another way to make them feel shittier about making a tough decision that is the right choice for them. There is nothing I can see here about who is going to pay for it. What is the cost going to be to the women? Are poor women going to be able to afford the ultrasound? Is the state going to pick up the tab, especially if the woman decides to go through the song and dance and still proceed?

My sarcastic side wants to say this is a great thing. Now women who are raped can take a good look and see whose eyes and nose were captured by the product of this beautiful love.

I also will love to hear the women who have been told for medical reasons to have an abortion that they will get counseling AND home movies of the fetus that they would have wanted to keep if they were able to do so.

This is great! I think they need to go further. Women who want to have an abortion have to go on Abortion Idol, the hot new TV show sweeping South Carolina. Three bitter fundamentalists can critique your personal private reasons for having the abortion while shaming you in front of the community. They can even quote scripture. On special weeks, there will be a guest panel of James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell. You are going to hell dawg.

Shit. I shouldn't have said that. They will get ideas.