Friday, March 16, 2007

Straight Talk Coming Out Of McCain's Ass
DES MOINES, Iowa - John McCain fired up the "Straight Talk Express" bus from his first presidential campaign Thursday in hopes of getting his second bid back on course after an early season slump.

"We've got to build the momentum," the Republican senator said, even as he brushed off polls that show him trailing rival Rudy Giuliani. "I'm very happy with where we are right now. We're fine."

Nine months before the first GOP primary contests, McCain embarked on a two-day bus tour of Iowa and told reporters traveling with him that there was plenty of time to recapture the magic from the 2000 race.

First, while googling on the internets, there again is more talk of the "Straight Talker" John McCain, and "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani. How come the media don't come up with nice nicknames for democrats? Bill "The Truth" Richardson met in a debate today with "Glorious" Hillary Clinton, Barack "The Real Deal" Obama, and Joe "The Delaware Destroyer" Biden today. Chris "The Silver Fox" Dodd was unable to attend.

Now, how in the hell can the media still let McCain go around calling himself a straight talker. He has waffled on gays, on gambling, on the religious right, on the "cakewalk" factor of the war, the confederate flag, on torture etc. He is actually less of a straight talker than many of his colleagues. Watch this video from Brave New Films.

How can a man call Jerry Falwell an agent of intolerance, and then go and kiss the man's rear end without being called on it? He can call his bus "the straight talk express" without the media joining in. If you don't stop, Howard "The Vermont Virtuoso" Dean might have to call for the Fairness Doctrine to be passed.