Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gore To Run as Green in 2008?

Fresh off their blockbuster story that Obama went to a madrassa in Indonesia, Moonie affiliated Insight Magazine has a great new scoop that will rock the political world. Al Gore is thinking about running for President as a Green. Once again, apparently Insight Magazine has the greatest reporters on the planet. Even though they are right wing nutjobs, advisers to Gore had to speak to Insight, because that is the place where the truth is told.

Sources close to Gore said Ralph Nader has sought to recruit the former vice president to run as the candidate for the Green Party. They said Gore has not rejected the offer and was consulting with family and friends to determine the feasibility of such a candidacy.

The source close to Gore apparently was the gardener across the street. He helped break the story of Elvis being spotted in Albequerque, so we know he is legit. Ralph Nader said there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush. He has kept to this line for 6 years. But now, thanks to Insight, we know that he has softened.

Last month Nader said he would basically run unless Dennis Kucinich won the democratic primary, but again the crack reporting staff at Moonie Junction can humbly say, eat my shorts NY Times. Kiss my Butt Wall Street Journal. We have us here an exclusive.

The sources said Gore, who also serves as an adviser to Google, would quietly test the waters in a series of polls in the spring of 2007. They said his high profile will probably be maintained over the next few months when he publicizes his latest book, "The Assault on Reason" in May. The book is said to be an indictment of American politics.

I gained real Insight from reading this article. Next month, Insight will reveal that Bill Clinton fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby. Sources close to Bill will reveal this to just them. You rock Insight!

As Steve Ducey would say, "This is huge!"