Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Duke Cunningham: Political Prisoner

Ann Coulter is off the fag bashing kick for a while. I guess Matt Drudge had a word with his beard. Anyways, today she is using right wing logic to prove that the US Attorney scandal is no big deal.
When will Republicans learn to stop apologizing?

The Bush administration is embroiled in the most ridiculous non-scandal scandal in human history -- set off when the administration stupidly apologized for firing its own employees.

U.S. attorneys are political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president. The president may fire them for any reason at all.

I thought that Ann Coulter was allededly a lawyer. If proven true that Carol Lam was fired for going after Republicans, and David Iglesias was fired for not timing an indictment to coincide with the November elections under pressure of a house and Senate member of course it's not just about "the pleasure of the president".

I am so sick of this pleasure of the president thing anyways. What pleasures the president is bombing people and taking a shit on the constitution. I frankly don't care what pleasures him. This probably emboldens the enemy. But who gives a flying fig.

The kicker for me though was Ann Coulter not forgetting a patriot who has been swept up in all this evil witch-hunting. Btw, if we were going after witches, wouldn't Coulter be in Gitmo by now?
They say this as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid draws interest on the sale of a property he sold in a complicated land swindle -- but American hero Randy "Duke" Cunningham rots in prison.

First things first Annie dear. That John Solomon piece on Harry Reid has been thoroughly debunked. Secondly, Duke Cunningham took a fracking antique shitter as a bribe. Funny yes. The shitter was french though, and I don't see how you can support such duplicity in a time of war.

I think you should go back to bashing fags. It was offensive, but at least coherently offensive.

Free Duke now, Free Duke now, Free Duke Now!