Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fox News Too Fair & Balanced For Democrats?

John Hinderaker (aka Assrocker) has decided to set the record straight on the democrats pulling out of the Nevada debate that was scheduled to be hosted by Fox News.

More trouble for the Democratic Party, as the nutroots continue to push the party into a far left corner. It's now being reported that the Democrats are pulling out of a scheduled August debate in Nevada on Fox News. The stampede started when John Edwards said that he wouldn't participate in the debate, on the theory that Fox isn't liberal enough for the Democrats. The Edwards campaign announced this "principled" decision in an email to the nutroots' beehive, the Daily Kos. The rest of the party has now fallen into line, as none of the contenders apparently was willing to risk the displeasure of the party's nuttiest fringe.

That's good for the Republicans, bad for the Democrats. The original idea of the Nevada debate was to appeal to swing voters in the western states.

Ok, I am sure that Barack HUSSEIN Obama's Militant Madrass teacher was behind this. Or perhaps it was that pedophile Mark Foley (D-Florida). No wait, I think it was that faggot John Edwards. Fox News consultant Ann Coulter, fairly unbalanced, doesn't really like that wussy. Perhaps the democrats are upset for no good reason at all. Just because Fox News hosts call them traitors, scum, fifth columnists, un-american, and names not fit to print all day long doesn't mean that a panel of Britt "I love my dead gay son" Hume, Sean "4 1/2" cut" Hannity, and Bill "Pass the loofah" O'Reilly couldn't be fair.

I got a sneak peak at some of the questions. This is just tough journalism.

Senator Obama, you are pretty dark. My ancestors used to buy you. What gives you the right to rule over me?

Senator Clinton is it true that you are a lesbian, and had affairs with Vince Foster and Web Hubbell? Why don't you quit straddling the fence?

Senator Richardson, you claim to be an illegal immigrant, but Richardson is a European name. Who are you trying to kid here?

Joe Biden-- Good work on the Bankruptcy Reform Bill. Why do you plagiarize European leaders when our hero President Bush has so many quotable things to say? Do you hate America?

The democrats are just big wimps. Fox was going to ask the questions Rush Limbaugh's viewers wanted to know. There are a lot of swing voters in that group who are this close to voting for somebody from the democrat party.