Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conservapedia Discusses The Scopes Trial

The trial in 1925 of John Scopes, for teaching evolution in Tennessee, was a defeat of Darwinism, and Tennessee has remained conservative ever since. The ACLU and liberal trial lawyer Clarence Darrow brought the Scopes case in the hopes of winning a public relations and legal victory, but in fact William Jennings Bryan decisively beat them.

The ACLU challenged a Tennessee statute that imposed a fine for teaching in public school that man descended from more primitive life forms. The statute did not prohibit teaching most aspects of evolution. The textbook at issue in the case taught eugenics, including that man supposedly descended from lower life forms and that some racial groups had evolved to more advanced levels than others.

The textbook also featured the fraudulent Piltdown Man. At the time, Darwinists claimed that this and eugenics were indisputable science to be taught to students. The Hollywood version heaped mockery on any argument that teaching evolution could be socially harmful.

I am glad they have stayed conservative in Tennessee to this very day! Heck, the good citizens of Tennesee just voted against Playboy bunnies having sex with darkie candidates so you know the lesson has stuck.

Thankfully, evolution is being ignored still by man in Tennessee. Apparently, Jebediah Springfield founded Tennessee when his dinosaur broke down near Memphis and Elijah was being a total butthead, as the bible would say, and wouldn't loan out the sky chariot. So in Tennesee a culture was born sometime less than 6,000 years ago that believes in faith, lack of reason, and Pat Robertson's delicious protein shakes.

There is one drawback though. Apparently, we are getting our asses handed to us by people who believe in evolution. I suspect they are secret eugenicists, and have gay sex with the piltdown man. They also have fire which we all know is the tool of the devil. They used "science" to invent things that make them dare I say evolve economically.

They also don't have Hollywood mocking them in Tennessee. They have horrible movies based on John Grisham novels set there. Also, there is Dollywood which apparently is an homage to dairy products or something wholesome of that nature.

Keep up the good fight Tennesee. Don't let those Darwinists with their "book learnings" and their "empirical methods" dissuade you from the truth. God made us in his image, not through this evolutionary bunk. In other words, God looks like a typical bible thumper in Tennessee (Apparently dental work is not part of God's heavenly HMO plan).

Bless you conservapedia for exposing these denialists of the truth. Without you, where would we be today?