Sunday, March 11, 2007

Random Thoughts On A Radio Broadcast

Driving home just now, I was listening to the top of the hour news from ABC radio. The first story was President Bush in Columbia asking for rebels to release 3 US private anti-drug contractors who have been held hostage since 2003. Bush asked the rebels to "show mercy" for these guys. In the days of torture and habeus corpus as well as Gitmo and Padilla, this is kind of ironic. I do hope these contractors are released, but part of the problem for american citizens in the world is that George W. Bush doesn't see the irony, and we are seeing no results.

One of the next stories was news about a fire in Anaheim Hills, California where 200 people have been evacuated. The announcer stated that this fire was small in size, but signifigant because it threatened expensive homes. Oh, well if the rich are being put out, it's a huge story. Never mind. Not celebrity rich, just your garden variety every day OC rich folks. You know, George Bush's base.

It led me to to wonder about if we will ever escape tribalism, and worship of our betters. The day we consider 200 families in trailers being threatened by a fire as signifigant as that of wealthy people, we likely will be in a society where there won't be as many people forced to live in trailers.