Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Michelle Bachmann Is Very Crazy

Those of you who watched the SOTU speech saw Michelle Bachmann (batshit crazy-Minnesota) try to dry hump the President on the floor of the house after the speech. This is the same person who said she fasted for several days and prayed about running for the house. She is proof that there is balance in the universe. Crazy Bush lady Katherine Harris leaves the house, and the very same day Bachmann is there to take her place. There must be an unwritten law that there has to be one. Many of us were concerned enough to think the Secret Service ought to offer protection to the President from this lunatic whose husband's profession is deprogramming the gay out of people like Ted Haggard, and helping her pick snazzy outfits to wear. Those pink shoes were so killer!

Bachmann leaves us assured though that the President is in no way concerned about her juvenile high school cheerleader behavior. Condi might be jealous though. Bachmann relates:
"I was concerned that I had violated protocol. But I had gotten a call from the White House to assure me that they were not in the least offended. In fact they were happy to know that even a stoic Norwegian could show that might excitement about the president of the United States," Bachmann said.

Yup. Batshit crazy. When a President is at the low 30's in the poll, when even Barney is losing the faith, being a stalker of the President, isn't being "a stoic Norwegian". As a Norwegian-American all I can say is uff-da. As an added bonus, Michelle Bachmann stalks another man too in the following video. She is "hot" for Jesus. How would Christ measure up to W? Bachman thinks Shrub is quite buff.

"Dubya is an "awesome date," before adding, "He's so buff. He's like you, Jason, he has 1 percent body fat." "

What is the matter with people in Minnesota?