Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Want The Drugs Andy McCarthy Uses

Over at National Review's The Corner, Andy McCarthy backhandedly commends the NY Times for not discussing Dick Cheney's role as the successor to Darth Cheney in light of the assasination attempt upon him by the Taliban in Afghanistan yesterday.

Whaddya know, no mention today of Cheney's "well-known penchant for secrecy." Apparently even the Times now grasps that the Veep had pretty good reasons to be discrete. Maybe Cheney's not nuts! Maybe the Taliban and al Qaeda really do want us dead after all. Who knows — maybe tomorrow the Gray Lady will even acknowledge that the Patriot Act and the NSA program are not sinister power grabs but modest, sensible precautions against people who are hellbent on killing us. Naaaaaaahhhhh.
Yes, the fact that the Taliban attempted to kill Cheney does convince me that we need to waterboard, stick wires to people's genitals, put foreign object into their anuses, listen into everybody's phone calls. Thank goodness this event happened. Otherwise, I might have continued assuming that Cheney was a dirtbag who enjoys urinating on the constitution during his morning constitutional, and that his actions have made the world a more dangerous place.