Monday, February 19, 2007

Karaoke, Soccer Players, Alcohol, and Golf Clubs Don't Mix

John Arne Riise seems to have escaped with very minor injuries after being attacked with a golf club by Liverpool teammate Craig Bellamy following a drunken brawl. Norway coach Age Hareide revealed as much, and that the situation in the dressing room is tense.

Bellamy and Riise were involved in a drunken brawl at a karaoke bar in Portugal, where Liverpool were preparing for the Champions League clash against Barcelona.

It all started off as a joke, with other players also involved, but things then got serious between the two.Bellamy, who had felt humiliated and insulted, attacked Riise with a golf club later that night, as the situation got completly out of hand.

Just two guys out on the town in Portugal, when karaoke happens. I think it really is a bad idea to bring golf clubs to a karaoke joke and you can quote me for the record on this one. I am wondering if they were debating Brittney's new hair cut during their rendition of "Baby, Hit Me One More Time", when tragically, the words of the pop diva became horrifically all too real.