Monday, February 19, 2007

Bush Compares Himself To George Washington

MOUNT VERNON, Va. President Bush honored the 275th birthday of the nation's first president on Monday, likening George Washington's long struggle that gave birth to a nation to the war on global terrorism.

Well, he was close. Bush kind of is similar to King George of England. Both men are certifiable, not very respected by the country they have invaded with forces, and getting their asses kicked in a quagmire, even though they have strength in numbers, and in military might.

Don't be alarmed. Bush is not totally off the deep end yet. When he compares himself to Jesus, you can get in your bomb shelters and kiss the planet goodbye. The beautiful thing, and I do find beauty in this, is that I seriously doubt Bush is the least bit self-conscious when he makes these statements. Karl Rove wanted him to be like McKinley, when Bush's poll numbers tanked, he decided he was Harry Truman, now that he is about 3/4 batshit crazy, he is George Washington Part Deux.

People, if you visit the white house, don't offer the President anything with sharp edges, paper, pens, just smile and back away slowly. In times like this, I am almost glad that Cheney is really running things. He is just completely evil. Let's all do our part and write letters to deadeye Dick, encouraging him to not share the nuclear football codes with Martha Washington's other husband.