Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Italian Prime Minster Resignation: A Lesson For America?

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has handed his resignation to the country's president after losing a crucial foreign policy vote in the Senate.

Yes, jokes about the stability of Italian governments aside, this might make one ponder about something similar in our country. Bush basically went in on a long slide after the 2004 general election. In our system, we sit around and either wait the four years out, wait for him to have a fatal pretzel incident, or hope that congress has the stomach to formerly impeach him.

In Italy, the parliament just thought Prodi's foreign policy sucked and told him so. That made him resign on the spot. Perhaps our situation could be a bit more further calamitous to trigger such an action, but full blown impeachment shouldn't be the only resort when your President is a lemon. How about a lemon rule? Congress can say you really suck, that your policy choices are failures, and in shame you spend the rest of your life clearing brush. Why wait til January 2009?