Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Story Time With Toddlers

We went to the library for story time today.Well, me and the bright eyed hyper-active toddler. He was interacting quite well, but when he screamed happily at a girl on the other side of a glass door, she ran off, I think to get a restraining order.

We were there a bit early, so we got to look at his favorite educational books. We read about cars, construction equipment, diggers, backhoes, and even about trains, well a book about Thomas the tank engine. After our well rounded learning experience it was time for hell on earth.

Story time is actually a chance for parents to sit down on their floor, and try to hold on to dear life as the nice old lady reads another story about bears for the fifth time. She must have a fetish.

I was totally unprepared. A woman sitting next to me, saw the boy starting to wiggle, and asked if I wanted some F-I-S-H. Thinking to myself through the drown of noise, I got her drift, and she handed me some Goldfish crackers. Those things work like crack. He was attentive to the story, sitting quietly, until our dealer ran out of the good stuff, and we had to run out of the building.

On the way home, I picked up a box of Goldfish. Be prepared as the boy scouts would say. Not looking forward to that one. Can you get a badge for lying on the sofa and watching the news?