Monday, February 19, 2007

Shark Has Jumped The Shark

I don't watch that much tv to begin with here. Occasionally, I will start watching a few new shows in the fall, only to be crushed by their cancellation. This fall, Daybreak was something I was getting into, a serial that was killed before it's time, pissing me off to no end.

All that was left for me was Shark. Well it stinks now. Thursday's episode, which I just watched last night was dreadful. They ignored court procedure, which anybody who had watched 5 episodes of Law & Order would have figured out, and they ended the show with Shark (James Woods') character's daughter in danger/trouble again. Enough already. We watch these shows for the legal who done it, and are they going to get away with it?

Do not piss us off by taking unreasonable bs detours from court procedure and we don't need the child in danger all the freaking time. I still hold a grudge from NBC when they killed off Deadline with Oliver Platt. CBS, don't screw up this show. Your news bureau is bad enough. Let us enjoy our shows ok?