Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is David Vitter's Career Over? It Depends

The story that David Vitter visited the DC Madam's sex workers wasn't bad enough. There are now rumors that David Vitter visited alot of prostitutes in Louisiana, and oh there also is that gossip that David Vitter payed $300 a shot for the privilige of wearing diapers at the time he was being unfaithful to his wife and a major league hypocrite.

James Carville mentioned the diaper rumor on CNN yesterday, and Jay Leno joked about it as well last night on the Tonight Show. Whatever his media relations person is making in salary, it should be doubled right now. Millions of people have heard this story through Jay Leno especially as well as the internet. How does one dial back on this story while retaining dignity?

If it's true, there really isn't much that David Vitter can do other than resign and go into the witness protection program. If these rumors are false, Vitter being interviewed by Barbara Walters and describing that while he was wearing handcuffs and being peed on in the face, he was wearing BVD's the entire time won't help too much either.

It is quite a conundrum. The mouth breathing base were quite willing to forgive Vitter for one hooker, coming up with a myriad of creative excuses as to why this was no big deal and how they weren't being hypocrites since they wanted Clinton to resign.

Diapers kind of are the great equalizer. Until a democrat gets caught styling the new leak proof Huggies, they are going to be at a loss of words in their latest effort at cognitive dissonance.

Vitter better hope that sharks attack, a missing white woman who is attractive pops up on the radar screen, or that Nicole Ritchie states that Kevin Federline is the father of her baby.

It may be a load of crap, but a Senator in diapers is hard to ignore.

Update: Anybody with any more information on this story please email me. The source will be kept entirely confidential.