Friday, September 14, 2007

Now that's a meatball!

You are looking at a couple hundred dollars of culinary gold right there. If you were hired to cater a luncheon or conference for the Bush justice department over the past several years, this little bit of Swedish goodness made your wallet burst at the seams.

An audit has revealed that U.S. taxpayers forked out $5.00 per meatball for Swedish meatballs at one function. We paid $4.55 per soft drink. We donated $13,000 for cookies, just like we do at the office.

The 2005 Los Angeles event -- which was called the "Weed and Seed" national conference -- attracted particular attention from the audit's authors.

It "included a $53 per person two-entree and dessert lunch for 120 attendees, a one-hour $64,000 'Stars and Stripes' themed networking reception and a post-conference meeting for 30 DOJ employees who were provided a sandwich buffet lunch at a cost of $44 per person and an 'At the Movies' theme snack (candy, popcorn, and soft drinks) for an additional $25 per person," the report said.

That is an outrage. Movie theaters charge us about $20 for $1.50 worth of candy, soda , and popcorn. They are now looking like a good bargain in comparison.

The justice department admitted they were wrong and promised to never ever do it again (unless by a fluke the Republicans win back the congress). Perhaps if Lindsay Lohan is sleeping in one day, a reporter can be pulled from that critical beat to figure out if say GOP donors were the people given the fat contracts to cater these events.